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Who We Are


Beverley Wilson Hayes 

CEO/Co-Founder of Conduits Do it

Beverley has worked in the field of recovery for over three decades, creating and leading many recovery and self- discovery programs. She is world-renowned for her ability to connect as a Spiritual conduit and trainer of trainers. She was introduced to the Three Principles Psychology by her Mentor Dr. Roger Mills, thirty years ago. As a Certified Advanced Trainer of Trainers, and keynote speaker, her range of experience is vast. She has worked with diverse populations from high crime rate communities, correctional and educational systems, to corporate board rooms.

Beverley’s life goal to help others discover their own source of wisdom and insight blossomed with Syd Banks’ support and guidance. She demonstrates this commitment working with individual clients of all ages, groups, as a seminar leader, on webinars, and mentoring. She spends her time richly loving. Beverley lives with her beloved husband/soulmate Bill Hayes, in Merced, CA.

Beverley is CEO/Co-Founder of Conduits Do it (ConduitsDoIt) International. A worldwide consulting and training Corporation, with a loving family touch.


She is a developing Author and spends her time richly loving others.

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Monique Williams

Transformational Coach

My name is Monique Williams. I am a 3 Principles Practitioner, Life Coach, Mentor, Trainer of trainers, Peace Ambassador to the Nations, Aspiring Author, Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and Certified Rewilding Guide and Mentor specializing in the areas of Self Image building, Public Speaking (making yourself visible to the world), Grief Coaching resolution, and building healthy Relationships. Under the training of Beverley Wilson Hayes, I have naturally coached, led, and mentored many in our communities and worldwide from the understanding of the 3 Principles. For the last 20 years, I have worked as a Public Servant, Peace Officer in the Prisons of California, USA. I am Co founder with my Mother, Miss Beverley and family of ConduitsDoIt Consulting, Ltd., an international family Consulting, Mentoring, and Life Coaching corporation.


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Tonya Jones


Hello My Name is Tonya Jones and  I’m a Consultant for “Conduit’s Do It”.


I was Introduced and trained about the Three Principles under the Leadership of my mother Mrs Beverley Wilson Hayes.


I also joined the 3P Community this year to gain more insight and wisdom.

After Finishing the Military, I began working for Amtrak; where I retired after 22 years. I currently reside in Los Angeles, CA

The Team


Janique W. Thomas


When I am in my natural state, I am serving, giving, and doing everything I can to be the bridge that fills the void in between thriving and suffering. My goal is to assist in healing the world one hear at a time. Starting in my home and close relationships and then venturing out and building a client base.

I am a mother of 2 beautiful babies, I am wife to the best husband in the world and I am a daughter sister and friend to such a loving group of people I’ve been blessed to have in my life 

So Hello there, now that you know a bit about me, my name is Janique W. Thomas. I am 29 years old and I am navigating this journey to coaching through the understanding of the 3 principles.

My current career field is in Law Enforcement, at an innovative and state of the art medical facility that provides around the clock medical treatment, mental health care and a variety of wellness programs to the incarcerated population.

I also serve in our family owned business Conduits Do It Consulting where we offer coaching, training and various services!
In the meantime, I am a mentor to middle and high school students in Tracy, California along side my husband who is the youth pastor at our home church.

In my free time I enjoy to singing, playing my guitar, journaling reading and writing music/poetry.

I have experience and training in civic engineering, health and wellness for young adults and youth, engaging and collaborating with community organizers to build healthier communities, and grant writing.

So there you have it. Here I am, I’m stepping up to the plate, the timing is perfect, I am ready to be of service.

J.W. Thomas

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