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3P UK Conference - 2022

My experience in London, England is almost indescribable. Every time I attempt to sort it all out I am filled to overflowing with Love all over again!
What an honor it has been to serve in your community of Rabbi’s, your family and in the 3PUK conference, plus all the conversations in the taxis and during the dinners and the insights and responses… 
It is almost too wonderful to hear or repeat!
Our family is elated to have been included in such a stellar group of colleagues and new friends.  
Bill & I…
Our hearts are overwhelmed at being a part of your family, Friday night dinner; the stories from antiquity and the Love displayed to God, your wife, your children and to include us in the Lovefest… Aaaawh, I could hear the angels in heaven caroling, I was breathing “rare air!”
I will treasure this experience which will remain in the hallmark of my memories!  Again, thank you sooo much household of Rosenblatt ♥️
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you to you your beautiful wife Chana, your children and extended family, the Rabbi Academy, Abby, Ben, Aaron, Liza, Dila, Julian and all of your staff of amazing beautiful people!!!
You all made us feel like Royalty!
I can hardly wait to see or hear from you all again.
Again, many Loving Thanks for going above and beyond what you said you would do!
Lovingly, Beverley  & Bill 💕

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