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Written in 1995 by Beverley Wilson

The Three Principles have taught me to remember things I had learned long ago. It have opened the windows to my heart, sharpened my once blind eyes stilled my restless mind and gentlely taught me to listen softly to others. As a result I'm much kinder to me.

For each of us is really doing the best they a given moment - It is a relief to know we each have separate realities, my heart can be filled with peace; even when I don't understand, or particularly like what you are doing, because I know, that I know, that, what you are doing - makes perfect sense to you.

Everything I am able to view through the eyes of the Three Principles. transforms into something - or into nothing - It does not matter for I am able to see my thoughts today, & this illuminates my mind, and thus opens my understanding.

The word “Empowerment" is too small; to describe the possibilities in my reach, when I know that beyond the sky - is the limit.

Let Peace Begin with me.

If each one could learn this and then teach one, we would see the whole world light up, as we searched the minds of our souls, we would learn to look for the good in others and therefore find the good in us!

And finally we realize that when we get to the end of all the light we can see, we can have faith that we will land on solid ground - or be given wings to fly!!!

Beverley G. Wilson

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