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Image by Léonard Cotte

Rob Cook

Coach, Speaker & Host 


"A pure expression of Love. Before meeting Ms. Beverley, I didn't know how much I could love the world. Her impact was immediate; from the moment I heard her speak, I knew I had to meet her. I wanted to learn about the wisdom that she shared. I believe her work within her family, the community, and worldwide is one of the best stories of hope we've ever seen. Ms. Beverley has inspired me to love the world a lot more, and she's a nurturer, so calling her momma feels just right. Let us celebrate her lifetime achievements of sharing Love and helping people to heal all over the world."

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Dicken Bettinger

3 Principles Mentor
co-author of Coming Home.

Beverley is a long time colleague and friend. She inspires others by her unwavering trust in the divine. This trust fills her with love, strength, clarity, and wisdom. She truly lives a heartfelt life. She walks the talk of the Three Principles. She has has been graced with the gift of being able to awaken people to their spiritual nature. Listening to Beverley reminds people of the love and wisdom that they are at their core.


Joseph Bailey

Licensed Psychologist
and Author

Beverley is a dear friend and colleague. She emanates pure unconditional love wherever she is and with whomever she is with. As a professional speaker, trainer and counselor, she speaks from the heart with such a powerful, pure, truthful energy that it transforms those she comes in contact with. I am honored to be her friend and colleague. 

Image by Mario Mendez

Catherine Casey

M.A., Clinical Psychology,
3 Principles Training Consultant

Miss Beverley has been my guiding light and inspiration since the first day of my learning of the 3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought.
She continues to amaze me in her modeling of what true understanding really is. 

Miss Beverley is an “experience” you do NOT want to miss! She is the epitome of a very deep understanding of our spiritual nature. I can guarantee you will be impacted by her wonderful teaching.


Mavis Karn


 If you are ever given a chance

to spend some time

with this woman,


You will never,


regret it!

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Judy Nahkies

Transformational Coach

I met Monique in the Rewilding Training with Rohini and Angus Ross. I was immediately drawn to her delightful personality, infectious laugh, and the depth of her sharing. During my sessions with her I felt so held and supported, the threads she pulled with insightful questions helped me unravel things that had gripped me for years. 

Image by Daiga Ellaby

Melissa Martinez Ramirez

Transformational Wellness Coach

Before working with Monique I felt strong feelings of frustration, anger, and resistance towards how life was for me at the time. I was also struggling with uncertainty in my life as well. 

With her coaching, I began to experience more peace of mind and well-being within me. What a beauty to feel so much unconditional love and compassion for myself, my loved ones, and the universe.

Monique is a beautiful soul. A shining star always expressing her unconditional love and wisdom to the world. Monique’s presence and guidance has been such a blessing in my life and healing journey.

Image by Daiga Ellaby

Toni McIntyre

Transformational Coach

Monique is a wise, powerful, and deeply loving Coach.  
She will take you to the heart of truth and lead you to freedom every time.  
If you're looking for a Coach and Guide then you've just found a treasure! 

Miss Beverly is amazing.
Her wisdom is deep and her love is strong! 
Just being in her presence is heart-opening.  

Image by Daiga Ellaby

Liliana Bellini 

Three Principles educator

Mrs Beverley Wilson Hayes  your words took me so deeeep, I heard and felt every single one of them 
Every fibre of my being felt the power of the love behind them 
I sobbed all the way home 
Fireworks of gratitude and hope 
Beverley, you will stay with me .

Image by Léonard Cotte

Michael Neill

Teacher | Catalyst
Author | Speaker 

"Spending time with 'Miss Beverley' is a real treat - she's a spiritual powerhouse with a loving heart roughly the size of the entire universe."


Azul Leguizamon

Beverley, Monique, Tonya, and Janique have lots in common:

a pure heart, a deep connection at a soul level with their own wisdom and their decision to be in loving service to others.

 If you have the chance to spend time with any of them, or all of them, take it and live the experience of reconnecting with your true nature



Rohini Ross

Co-Founder of The Rewilders

I am so grateful to have mentored Monique Williams as a Rewilders Guide and Mentor Guide. She is a powerful coach and speaker who knows with conviction the power of letting the divine unfold in life. She is committed to supporting her clients with living beyond the limitations of their misunderstandings so they can experience who they truly are and live their full potential. She is dedicated to living a life of service and to her own growth and learning along the way. I am grateful to have Monique as a colleague and a friend.

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