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Individual or group coaching services:


Ponder ... for a moment how it would feel to dissolve years of misunderstandings in families, friendships, Love relationships, and so on!

Learn more about each of us here and feel free to connect. 

We also offer different programs:

  • The health of the Helper training

Where do strong people or helpers go for confidential help. Right here, we offer a place of rest and renewal for your souls our programs are designed especially for people who help people.

  • Discovering the unleashed power of Silent  Retreats (Online only at this time)


​Here you or a small group of you will learn how to cultivate a quieter mind and we will focus on self-compassion in the comfort of your own sacred place.

  • Trainer of Trainer’s Training

  • Seminars/ workshops tailored to the group's needs

  • Healthy Loving relationships

  • Three Principles based grief resolution: group settings, seminars, and 1 on 1 sessions

  • Grassroots Bi-weekly meeting  Join the group here

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